Free your house from plastic!
We are a team of activists bringing a fresh air to your house by freeing it from all type of plastic!
Did you know that?
Plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills.
Plastic bags take 10-1000 years.
Plastic bottles take 450 years or even more.
There are 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world
6.3 billion of that had turned into plastic waste.

Only 9 percent of that waste was recycled and 12 percent was incinerated.

A whopping 79 percent ended up in landfills or the environment.

Instead of using plastic and recycling it, it's better to STOP using any plastic AT ALL!
Our services
We offer wide range of services to free your home from plastic.
Score the house
We make a list of all plastic items that can be substituted with other material products around the house and provide you with the list per area: kitchen, living area, bathrooms, garden, children area and pets area.

You decide which area to start with!
We focus on the BIG FOUR areas which are Child, Pet, Kitchen and Bathroom. These are essential for our everyday healthy and sustainable life!
High quality alternative material!
We have perfect deals with providers of green bamboo, crystal, wooden and other materials which can be used instead of plastic in your every-day life.
No Plastic Life
We provide with additional services and a manual how to follow a plastic-free life. You can always contact us and ask any question anytime and our consultants will be able to guide you through this important change.
What will you get?
A complete list of plastic items in your home
Customized budget plat to reduce and / or eliminate plastic usage at home
Life-long service by the best consultants in plastic alternatives for home
Special focus on kids' and your pets area, kitchen and bathroom.
Want to talk to us and know more about our service?
Book a call
Coming soon:
Service for Enterprises
If you are an enterprise or a start-up and also care for an environment which your colleagues are working in, pre-subscribe for the service to free your office from plastic and we will come back to you in January 2019.
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